Rally is the newest AKC dog sport.  Fun and energizing, Rally is often considered a stepping stone from basic obedience to competitive obedience and Agility.

A Rally course includes ten to twenty stations with an exercise at each station.  Handlers can communicate with their dogs through voice or signals as much as they want.  Judges look for a strong sense of teamwork as the dog and handler work through the course.  The main objective is to train dogs to behave in the home, in public and around other dogs in a manner that will reflect well on the owner.

Beginner level teams work on lead, while Advanced and Excellent level dogs are handled off-lead.  Rally stations include exercises such as heeling, halts and turns, calling the dog front and finishing left or right, moving side step heeling, spiral, figure eight, moving down, stand, pivot, back up, progressing to jumps and honor exercises. For more information about Rally, see the American Kennel Club's Getting Started page.

Students who have completed a basic obedience class are eligible for the Rally class.  Whether you plan to compete or not, rally is a fun class that also improves communication between dog and handler.  Each week class will experiment with new exercises and courses.  Classes are often full because everyone enjoys them so much. Rally is offered at both the Beltsville and Davidsonville locations and is free to CTA members.