Puppy Basics

Once the newness of a puppy wears off and bad and unwanted behaviors emerge, owners are eager for help.

Puppies have a shorter attention span than mature dogs, which can make an ordinary Basic Obedience class difficult for them.  At the same time, puppies are highly receptive to learning new things and forming good habits that can last a lifetime.

To make good use of this critical time, CTA offers a Puppy class for puppies from 2 months through 5 months with current shots

Puppy class focuses on creating proper relationships for your new dog.  Socializing the puppy with other dogs and new people builds their confidence and teaches them how to behave appropriately in new situations.  We demonstrate dominance training to let the puppy know that the handler is in charge, not the dog.  All work is on leash to keep the puppy safe and under control.

The class introduces the exercises that they will later master in Basic Obedience.  Exercises are taught in brief, game-like ways. 

The 6 basic exercises are:

  • Heeling on leash with sits, turns and pace changes
  • Heeling through and around obstacles (figure eight)
  • Stand and Stay
  • Sit and Stay
  • Down and Stay
  • Recall (Come) and return to heel position


We also introduce retrieving - to get the dog to go after an object, bring it back, and give it to the owner.  While a fun game, this allows you to shape your puppy into a good retriever and one who readily gives up objects in their mouth when asked to do so by their owner. An undeniably useful behavior in a puppy!


Upcoming Basic and Puppy Classes