Open Obedience

Open is the second level of AKC competitive obedience. Open includes more complicated exercises, which teach the dog to do a variety of tasks and to follow commands either by voice or signal.


At an AKC obedience trial (show) the dog and handler will perform predefined obedience exercises, which will be evaluated and scored by a judge. The dog must demonstrate basic proficiency in order to receive a passing score (170 points out of a possible 200, and more than 50 percent of the points allocated to each exercise)  All dogs that receive a passing, or “qualifying” score earn a “leg” towards an obedience title.  When a dog has accumulated three legs of an Open title, the AKC will issue a certificate to the owner in recognition of achieving the Open obedience title.


 Exercises include:

  • Heel Free and Figure Eight – Same as Novice, but off leash.
  • Drop on Recall – can be a lifesaving command for a dog, since it gives the handler control in potentially dangerous situations.
  • Retrieve on Flat
  • Retrieve Over High Jump
  • Broad Jump
  • Long Sit (3 minutes) – similar to the long sit in Novice, but the position must be held for a longer period of time with the handler out of the dog's sight.


Beginner Open Obedience Class

Students fresh from achieving a Novice Obedience title (CD) will begin learning the Open exercises from scratch.  The Instructor will break down the various exercises into manageable and more easily taught parts allowing students to more quickly master each exercise.


Open Obedience Class

This class is for students who have completed the Novice (CD) title and have no experience with the Open exercises. Instructors will teach the basics of Open exercises.


Beginner Open Novice Obedience Class

This class is tailored for students who are honing their Novice exercises and will begin instruction on the Open exercises including the drop and retrieve. Novice through open. This is not a drop in class. Students interested in the class should call the instructors to see if this class will be a good match for you and your dog. Please contact Kerry Troxel and Gretchen Streckler for more information.


Competition/Open Class

This class is for students actively showing in Open Obedience Competitions. Students need to have mastered all the Open exercises and be interested in beginning to learn the Utility exercises. As the existing students in the class complete their Open Obedience titles, the class will transition into predominately a Utility class. Please contact Katie Meyers at for more information.


Open/Utility Obedience Class

This is a class for students who are working on their Open Obedience title and or have completed their open title and are beginning to work on the Utility exercises.


Students should have 2 or more legs in a Novice title (CD) before beginning this class. In this class students learn both Open and Utility exercises simultaneously and work their dogs exclusively off lead. Class is limited to 12 dogs. Students wishing to take this class need to have their dog temperament tested by the instructor prior to attending class. Please contact Debra Barrow or Joann Blackman for more information.


Open Run-Throughs

This class is for students who have mastered all the Open exercises and can perform them reliably. Run-throughs simulate the distractions found at a show site and allows you to practice working with a judge. Most students participating in run-throughs are currently entered in Open trials.


In a run-through each student will perform the Open exercises, one at a time, with the Instructor acting as judge. Students will assist each other by acting as stewards: changing jump heights, acting as posts for the figure 8 exercise, etc… These run through take 10-20 minutes each, be prepared to be patient.