Basic Obedience

The Basic Obedience class is the heart of training at CTA.  All of our activities build on the foundation we lay in this ten week course.  Basic Obedience is appropriate for anyone who wants to train their dog, of any age.

During this 10 week series of classes our experienced instructors will demonstrate a broad range of training techniques aimed at speeding you and your dog along the learning process. Learn how to gain your dog’s cooperation through clear communication, praise, and good use of voice, leash and collar.

As your dog is learning basic commands they will begin to learn calmness and focus, even around people and other dogs.  Most dogs lack self-control because they have never been encouraged to learn it.  Obedience training develops a dog’s self-control so they are calm enough to focus on their owners and learn new desirable behaviors.

Another benefit to obedience class is socializing your dog in a controlled environment.  A well-socialized dog will be comfortable and relaxed around other dogs.

The class establishes communication and teamwork between dog and handler as students master six exercises:

  • Heeling on leash with sits, turns and pace changes
  • Heeling through and around obstacles (figure eight)
  • Stand and Stay
  • Sit and Stay
  • Down and Stay
  • Recall (Come) and return to heel position


Owners quickly find how useful each of these exercises is in daily life: heeling closely down a busy street, standing for the vet and/or groomer, lying down quietly while the family eats dinner, sitting politely by the door when guests arrive and most importantly, coming when called.

This ten-week session begins with an orientation lecture and ends with a graduation where each dog-and-handler team demonstrates their accomplishments for an impartial judge.  This class is offered at both the Beltsville and Davidsonville locations at a cost of $100.  Please see Upcoming Class Listings for times and class registration forms. After completing a 10 week session, you are eligible for CTA annual membership and any of the exciting advanced classes offered.

Owners quickly find how rewarding training becomes.  Not only does daily life becomes easier through use of the commands, but more importantly, owners find the challenge of teamwork has exponentially increased their bond with their dog.  By graduation, owners are deeply proud of their accomplishment and their dog.



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